How long does a game last?

Typically 15 minutes of playing time, but with the briefing, a run through of the rules and suiting up, each game takes 20 minutes

If I play 2 games or more how long does it take?

By default we schedule a 20 minute break between games to allow players get their breath back. 2 games would take an hour, and 3 games 1 hour 45 minutes. If you have limited time or would prefer to play your games back to back for any reason, please discuss this with the staff member taking your booking.

What is the maximum number of players per game?

27.ordinarily. Our Covid secure risk assessments limits this to 14.

What is the minimum number of people per game?

4 people, unless you specifically wanted a one-on-one match... If there's less than 4 players in a game our marshal will wear a vest so there's an extra target to shoot at, but we usually book small groups together to avoid this.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Depends on the child and their interest and confidence. But generally anyone 6 years or older.  Under 6's will not be permitted to play. This is because of the size of the packs, players do need to be 1.1 metres tall to wear them comfortably.

Can I look around the arena? Can I watch the game?

If you never played before we will be happy to give you a free guided tour. In the foyer we have a TV screen showing  live feeds from the arena but if you've come along with a group or party and want to keep a closer eye, we can take you inside the arena to observe the game at close quarters.

Will we have the arena to ourselves?

We don't offer exclusive arena hire during normal opening hours so it's likely other people will be playing in the same game as you. If you and your group would rather have the place to yourself, please check out our Lock-ins.

Are there any clothing requirements?

Sensible flat footwear. Dark clothes are a distinct advantage under the UV lights, which make anything white glow.

 Can I download a copy of the party leaflet?

Yes, click here to download