General Questions                      

How Long is the actual game?

Each game is between 12 and 15 Minutes long.

What is your age range for playing Laser Tag?

The minimum age for playing is 6 years old. The maximum age is as old as you feel! The oldest player we have had was 72 years old.

Is it scary?

There are no scary items or things designed to make you jump in our arena. It is a darkened room, but is not pitch black. It can be described as "disco dark"- there are enough lights that you can comfortably see your surroundings and others.

I just made a booking online, but it didn't take any payment. What has happened?

When a customer makes a booking, it sends it to us a booking request. This is to allow us to make sure that the booking "fits" with other bookings around it. We then call you to confirm or change the booking; at this point we take a deposit payment.

What should we wear to play Laser Tag?

Players must wear sensible footwear; no heels or open-toed shoes. Trainers are ideal. There are no special requirements for clothing, though dark clothing may provide a tactical advantage.

When should we arrive for our booking?

The time of your booking is the start time for your session. There is no need to arrive any earlier as your table will be allocated to you for your booking time.

I didn't get an email with my booking. What happened?

It is common that our automated emails go directly into spam or junk files; especially customers with hotmail or gmail accounts . If you called and made your booking, there is a chance that your email address was entered incorrectly into our system, please call to check the email address after checking  your spam and junk.

Will we be playing with others?

Yes, we do not guarantee exclusive games; except when booking a Total Avenge party package or a Lock-in.

Will my 6 year old be playing with other adults?

We do not mix groups of ALL adults with groups of ALL children. When you book you will be asked to state if the players are children  (6-12 years), teenagers (13-17 years), adults (18 +years) or mixed ages; knowing player age allows us to ensure that bookings fit together. Exceptions: if you book a family ticket, it is assumed it is a mixed group. Battling Bratz is a family session, by nature this becomes a mixed age session.

Do you offer concessions for carers?

If the carer takes part and plays Laser Tag they will be charged the usual full rate. Carers that enter the arena in a supportive or reassuring role, without wearing a Laser Tag pack can do so free of charge.

Is there somewhere I can wait whilst my family play?

Yes, our reception area offers tables and chairs to sit and relax. From reception you can see the action upstairs in the arena on our CCTV screens, as well as watch real-time score updates.

Do you serve food?

Yes, we serve food from 12pm onwards. If you would like to order food to be served at a particular time, for example at the end of your session, this can be arranged when you order.  We also sell a range of confectionary and savoury snacks.

 My child has sensory needs, will it be suitable?

We have full ability to lower the noise levels within the arena and offer the use of ear defenders. We are able to control the various lights and light displays; as well as make use of the "house lights" if needs be. Various local schools with ASD specialisms and ASD charity groups visit us regularly, as an immersive experience that does not require interactions with others & with play taking place in strict boundaries, it is a perfect environment for people with ASD.

Party Questions

Why is your minimum party age 7, if you can play when you are 6?

We require the birthday child to be turning 7, with the idea that the others in his/her class will be either 6 or 7; therefore, all able to play. If the birthday child is 6, they will be in a class with 5 year olds too.

What happens if we don't bring as many guests as we book for?

So long as you fulfill the minimum number of players, we only charge for those that play. The minimum number of players for Super and Marvellous parties is 10, the minimum for the Total Avenge party is 20. For example, if you book a Super party for 15 players and only 12 attend on the day, you only pay for 12. However, if you book a Super party and only 9 attend on the day, you will still pay for 10.

Will my party get exclusive use of the arena?

Only the Total Avenge get guaranteed exclusive arena use. However, we do put groups of all adults into a game with party children. We often do party vs party games; so long as they are of similar ages.

What are the party food choices?

We offer the choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken burger, chicken nuggets and chips, veggie burger or Rollover hotdog. The Total Avenge and Marvellous party packages all orders come with chips. All food orders are taken by your party host upon arrival.

Do you cater for allergies?

We follow all legislation and requirements surrounding food allergens. Allergen information is available upon request, and recommendations will be made for suitable options. We offer a gluten free option of sausage and chips upon request.

I am not sure how many guests will be attending, what do I do?

When you book your party we ensure that the number of guests that you have booked for will be able to play on the day, i.e. there will be enough Laser Tag packs for each of your guests. Therefore, we ask for a maximum number of guests that fits within your own budget; bearing in mind the minimum number is 10.

What happens if I have more guests then I booked for?

We reserve the right to refuse entry to additional guests, this is due to space, availability of Laser Tag guns and food supplies. To avoid disappointment, increases in numbers should be notified to us a minimum of 24 hours before.

How many games do parties include?

All of our party packages include 3 games of Laser Tag.

How can I get the invites?

Invites can be collected from us directly free of charge, alternatively we can send them out to you via 1st Class Royal Mail for a cost of £3 to coverthe cost of postage and envelope. We can also email the invite out to you as a pdf file to print at home.

Can parents play too?

Yes, parents are welcome to play. Parent play at a party is charged at £6.50 per game or £16 for all 3 games. Parents are also welcome to make up the numbers at the party too.

What are the differences between the party packages?

The Super and Marvellous require a minimum of 10 players, the Total Avenge requires a minimum of 20 players. You can download a copy of the party information leaflet here, this allows you to compare the packages easily.

What is included in the party bags?

All of the party bags contain sweets that are nut-free. The Super party bag has: Haribo, a Double Lolly, Rainbow Drops and a random selection of 3 Swizzels brand sweets. The Total Avenge and Marvellous party bags contain all of the above plus Maoam, Refresher bar and a Drumstick Lolly. If you would like to bring additional items for us to add to party bags, just give them to your party host upon arrival.

Can I still pay weekday prices during school holidays?

Yes. We offer our weekday reduction of £3pp on all weekdays, regardless of term time or bank holidays.


Do I have to book?

No, but booking guarantees your place and avoids disappointment.

How much do you charge?

Walk on fee is £15- unless you are an Airsoft Elite member an then it is £10. If you need a rental package the cost is £15.

What is included in a rental package?

An Airsoft gun with battery, all BBs required for the evening, gloves, tactical vest and face protection.

What should I wear?

Sensible footwear- no heels or open-toe shoes. Clothing to cover arms and legs, dark is tactically better