No question is a silly question. these are some of the things that we get asked regularly.

If you navigate to the front page, then scroll to the bottom of the page, you may need to “Allow 3rd Party”. you will then need to select the category of your booking, for example “Games”, “birthday Parties” etc. Then you will be asked to choose the service you require, for example “One Game”, “Two games” ETC. Then you can pick the date and time slot you would like and finally enter your details and complete the answers to the booking questions. you can also opt to call us on 01634 786953, and we can get you booked in over the phone.

as a small, family-run business we are not experts in building a custom booking system. simplybook is our booking provider and they are the 3rd party. you can read more information about simplybook and their privacy policy here.


our laser tag packs are laserforce gen 8 and are suitable for ages 6 and over. the oldest player we have had in our arena is 76 years old, which goes to show you are never too old to enjoy blasting your friends and family. we have a large range of games which vary in challenge and staff are trained to play more complex games with groups that can play them and understand the tasks.

pending bookings are just a reservation; all of our bookings are checked by a human before they can be progressed to payment, and then confirmed.

if we can accept your booking, we will contact you to take payment. If you selected that you are happy to be sent a text for the deposit, this will be sent to you as soon as possible. once your payment has been received, your booking will be changed to approved and you will get an automated email confirmation. if you requested to be called, then we will do so as soon as possible. If your booking cannot be accepted, we will call you to offer an alternative time or date.

the booking system is not able to determine player compatibility. for example, if you are trying to book for 2 children between 6-10 years old, and we already have a booking for 10 adults at that time, this is not a compatible booking, and so you will be offered an alternative.

deposits are paid by customers for 2 reasons; the first is to secure your booking time and date. secondly, to prevent you from being overcharged. most other venues charge you for a booking in full upfront. we understand that sometimes things don’t quite go to plan; people drop out last minute or are poorly. by only paying a deposit for the first 2 players, the person making the booking doesn’t lose out FINANCIALLY when these things happen; giving you more confidence to book with us in the first place. deposits are non-refundable, but are fully transferable; so long as you make contact with us before the time of your booking.

1 game deposit = £20

2 game deposit = £30

3 game deposit = £36

4 game deposit = £40

Family ticket deposits = £30

games are 12 to 15 minutes in length. the booking system may show you that one game has a duration of 30 minutes, however this is the overall time for the visit. the time includes the safety briefing, specific game briefing, getting packs on and off and the game play time.

unless you have paid for exclusive games, we do not GUARANTEE your booking will be by themselves. however, we do look carefully at provisional bookings that are made to ensure player compatibility before we confirm and take any payment. for example, a booking of all adults will not be put in to play against a booking of all children. bookings with a paid deposit take PRECEDENce over any pending bookings

when food orders are placed our staff members are trained to check for allergies. The menu has allergen information including on it. Allergy information is available on request.

we do not allow UNACCOMPANIED children to stay. however, if you are happy to leave them in the care of the parents of the birthday child(ren), then you are not required by us to stay. It is entirely personal choice. during covid measures we were limiting spectators, but this is no longer in place.